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My car AC static pressure is not equal. The low pressure side is 80psi and the high pressure side is 105psi. The aient temperature is 32 degree celsius. Actually I should get both side 105psi. Can I know what is the problem?

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Pressure in a normal water supply can be up to 4 bar. Water supplied into the pressure sprayer via a garden hose, passes through a booster pump which generates water pressure of up to 160 bar. The water is ejected through a small high-pressure

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14/6/2015· Hi, I had the refrigerant recovered from my 2006 Subaru Outback. Thereafter, I evacuated the AC system for 40 minutes, then let it sit for another 40. There are not leaks. While filling with refrigerant (13 to 15 oz of 134a), I noticed the high pressure gauge on the

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31/5/2016· The high side pressure was roughly 150. The car will not turn the AC compressor on, probably because these pressure are out of wack. He said he has not tried to put any refrigerant in it (I initially thought maybe it could be an overcharged system)

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Hi everyone. Long time Car Talk listener, first time engaging with the community. I know it’s a good one though which is why I decided to turn here first! About three weeks ago I tried recharging my 2008 Ford Focus with one of those A/C Pro trigger hoses with the gauge. It filled up to about 20 psi then capped off and wouldn’t go any higher. Started out around 5 psi. The AC was still

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9/4/2011· If found a leak in my truck''s A/C high pressure hose, is there a patch or tape that is strong enough to fix the tube (if so what is it called), or do I have to replace the entire hose? 2001 Dodge Dakota. Anyone have a guesstimate on what a replacement would cost if I

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Safety Switches: Excessive high side pressure can cause damage to the compressor or rupture a hose. If the refrigerant is lost and the pressure in the system is lost so is the compressor''s

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Possible faults include – fuse, pressure sensor, fan belt slipping, relay, wiring break, no gas, compressor fault. If the compressor is pumping against a blockage the red gauge will be too high. If there is a blockage on the suction side of the compressor (blue gauge) the pressure will fall.

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Aient temp Humidity % Inlet air temp Static system pressure 45 psi minimum Center vent temp ~30 F < aient Low side pressure Typical: ~ 30 psi High side pres-sure Typical: 2.2 to 2.5 X aient F Pressure behavior when AC is shut off: High Side Pressure

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25/4/2019· LoL. I need some AC Expert Help!!! I recharged my ac and everything seemed fine, but one hot day when I was driving my car the high pressure valve (the one that is on the ac compressor) blew up and all the freon went in the air. I have no idea what could cause

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1/8/2008· I am having an issue with my AC where it appears that my system is just pulling in the aient air from outside. When I first turn my unit on I notice that the suction (big) line gets cold like it is supposed to and the high pressure line (little) gets hot as I would expect.

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When summer’s here, or really any time you want cool, dry air while driving, your car’s air conditioner (AC) is critical to your comfort and safety. Unfortunately, frozen AC lines can put a major kink in your road trip. Why are your car AC lines freezing up, and what

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This pressure forces the liquid out of the compressor through the hoses in your AC hose assely, which carry refrigerant through the system. Regardless of which of the systems your car uses, the compressed refrigerant travels from the compressor to the condenser on the high-pressure side of the system to cool off before reaching the AC evaporator core on the low-pressure side.

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The system consists of a high-pressure and a low-pressure side. When servicing the air conditioner, it is very important to be able to distinguish between the two. Whether simply adding refrigerant to the system, or doing more extensive work, there is a simple method that will enable you to find the low-pressure side of the car''s air conditioner.

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We have managed to source some AC hose which looks identical to that was fitted to some classic car models in the 1970''s and 1980''s to ensure that repairs to those models matches the existing hose for cars which participate in Concours events.

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1990-1993 MAZDA MIATA MX-5 1.6L MT AC SYSTEM HIGH PRESSURE LINE/ HOSE OEM SINGLE A/C LINE CONTACT US TO VERIFY FITS YOUR CAR $118.75 Top Rated Plus Was: Previous Price $125.00 Brand: Mazda Free shipping or Best Offer Watch

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12/7/2013· My AC high pressure hose had a leak in the rubber part. I replaced it with a new hose but did not use any rubber washers as the original part did not have any when I removed it. So, is this correct? No rubber washers at either end of the High Pressure Hose? Car is

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In car air-conditioning installations freon hoses made of the highest quality rubber compounds are used. They have a thin layer of nylon High Pressure Cleaning Hose Fittings High Pressure Wash Guns and Accessories Instrumentation Precision Quick

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AC pressure gauge readings Diagnose AC pressure gauge readings How to diagnose car AC pressure gauge readings You can’t accurately diagnose your car’s AC by using just the low-pressure gauge on a recharge kit because you’re only seeing pressure on the

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In general, the main purpose of the air compressor or AC pressure switch is to give and cut off power going to the air compressor in the air conditioning system of your car. When the pressure goes down below 25 PSI, this part will cut the power coming into the compressor, which makes it …

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After determining the proper pressure for your AC system charge to that pressure. 2. Loe the low side port. Important note: only charge your A/C system through the low side service port. Never use the high side port to add refrigerant. Doing so is dangerous

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High pressure to low pressure and back, Summit Racing Equipment has the air conditioning hoses and lines you need to keep your vehicle’s A/C working. Keep refrigerant flowing where it needs to go—even on classic cars and trucks—with air conditioning hoses

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High-pressure washers | Bosch high-pressure washers have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. Efficient cleaning results are achieved using high flow rates and high pressure.

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Air conditioning pressure sensors, also known as AC switches, turn off a car''s air conditioning system whenever the refrigerant pressure reaches a lower extreme. This not only signals the need for a recharge of refrigerant, but also saves the compressor from running

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Put the cap on and check the port with a soap and water solution and see if it leaks then. high pressure port is red and low pressure port is blue, or markrd L;-low or H;high. Be careful that you do not do something that will let all the freon out. as then you will have to have the system serviced professionally.